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Never-Neverland Shoppe

About our shop

At Neverland Shoppe, we create hand-made products that will whimsy and delight! We are staffed, run, and owned by a neurodivergent / autistic person, with neurodivergent people in mind!

Our decorated pacifiers are unique pieces of art with each pearl and stone applied with love! Whether you are a neurodivergent person looking for an oral stim toy, a child alter needing a regression tool, a little or abdl wanting a new and fun pacifier, or just someone seeking some comfort, our pacifiers can provide all of the above.

We also hand make batches of liquid shower gel / bubble bath combinations! These colorful bottles can be used as a body wash, hand soap, or as a liquid bubble bath solution! They are suitable for sensitive skins and include body safe and a huge variety of colors and scents.

Glitter bottles are another product we specialize in. These are plastic bottles as opposed to most glass versions, meaning they are portable and won’t shatter when dropped, so they are safer for those who have motor control difficulties. They are also the perfect size for your bedside table, desk, or purse! These glitter bottles are a fantastic visual stim and self regulatory tool for anyone and everyone.

We hope you find a place of comfort and calm within our products. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

NOTE: please note that these pacifiers are not for babies! They are sized for adult mouths and the small charms may be a choking hazard to young children.

About our adult pacifiers

These pacifiers are made for adult mouths, and should not be used for babies, young children, or with anyone where small parts may pose a choking hazard.

These pacifiers can be delicate! Take care to not drop or throw your pacifier, or parts may break. Store your pacifier with care.

Pacifiers have been sanitized before packaging, but we recommend sanitizing again upon arrival. See below for instructions:
If you need to wash or sanitize your pacifier, clean the nipple with simple soap and water (rinse very well), or a pacifier cleansing wipe (not baby wipe!). Do not boil the pacifier, and do not attempt to take the pacifier apart. We cannot be responsible if the pacifier breaks while it is in your care, so be gentle!

If a piece, such as a gemstone, pearl, or cabochon, falls or breaks off, don’t worry, it is an easy fix! We recommend using the adhesive “Gem Tac” to secure the piece back in place. Allow the piece to set for 24 hours before using again.

Never-Neverland Shoppe

Shop Policies

due To the nature of these products, I cannot accept returns, cancellations, or exchanges.

I cannot be responsible if an item is lost in the mail, however, if an item arrives damaged, please contact us via email with photographic evidence if possible, and we can try to work something out!

I do not currently accept custom orders, but if you’d like to see something specific in the shop, I am open to suggestions, so feel free to contact me with requests!

Never-Neverland Shoppe

How to place an order

Placing an order with us is simple! Just email us with your PayPal information and the names of the products you want, and we will send you an invoice! We will then email you when the product is shipped out with your tracking information!

The button to email us can be found at the bottom of the page next to our social media buttons!

Products are first come, first serve, so if someone has emailed before you, we will let you know that the product has already sold.

Never-Neverland Shoppe

Available Pacifiers


Lisa Frank Tiger pacifier

Pooh and Tigger White Chocolate Small Shield pacifier

Pink bumble bee pacifier


Red and black bat Halloween pacifier

Cozy Pooh and tigger pacifier

lady and the tramp ornament pacifier

Mint baby nursery pacifier

Champagne baby bear small shield pacifier


Peachy Floral Pacifier

Blue and Yellow Lady and the Tramp Pacifier

Violet and Teal Pacifier


Pink Candy Pacifier

Neapolitan Pacifier

Never-Neverland Shoppe

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